New customers and a better work culture

How do they do it? Easily create an offer to drive new customers to your business and give your employees a better rewards, recognition, and savings on autopilot all with one platform.

Amazing Features

Make lunch time better

Make better decisions on simple tasks like ordering lunch with team data on restaurant category frequency

Employee Documents

Employees get access to their handbook and employment agreements right from the app

Reward Employees

Easily reward employees quickly and with meaning by contributing to their personal goals - travel, savings, retirement and more

Retain and Attract Employees

Create bonuses to attract and retain top employees that vest over a period of time.

Onboard quickly

Onboarding with Tenure is easy! You provide us with your employee list, we upload it. Employees download the app and onboard in under 5 minutes.

Card-linked Offer Data

When you create an offer we provide you with tons of data to help you make better business decision moving forward.

drive more business with Tenure

You heard that right! Not only can we help improve your company culture, but we can also drive new customers through your door with our card-linked offers on our marketplace. Get other companies employees through the door and only pay when they meet the requirements of the offer you create. It’s that easy.

No upfront fees
or hidden costs

Create an offer in under
10 minutes

Get new customers
in the door

Only pay for what we
Bring you

App Screens

We created our employee app with employees in mind. We get constant feedback on how to make our platform better everyday.