Employee rewards they actually want!

Tired of generic employee rewards? Welcome to the future with Tenure - we’re all about hyper-personalized perks handpicked by your employees. Say goodbye to the old ways—we're making employee engagement a breeze!

We give a f*%k about

Tired of dull gift cards and points not inspiring your employees? We’ve created Tenure’s Rewards and Recognition system that gives your employees the power to choose rewards that truly matter to them—from saving for guitar lessons to debt payoff. Your employees will hit their targets to enjoy truly hyper-personalized rewards.

Elevate Your Employee Rewards Experience

Middle managers, get ready to level up! With Tenure's Reward and Recognition system, hitting targets just got easier.

Step 1: Manager Sets Employee Goals 
Step 2: Employees Set Their Reward
Step 3: Employee Achieves Goals
Step 4: Manager and Employee Celebrate

Our Features

Goal Setting

Employee Sets Their Personal Savings Goals

Round-Up and Cashback

Automated Spending Round-Up and Cashback

Security and Privacy

Secure Bank Card Connectivty for Automated Savings

Automated Offers

Access to Thousands of Merchants and Automated Savings Deals

How we use science to increase engagement

Get ready to turbocharge your team with Tenure's engagement platform! We're talking a killer combo of rewards that'll have your employees riding the dopamine wave straight to engagement town. It's not just magic; it's science, baby!

Understand the Science

Don't Let Employee Benefits Become Debt

67% of Americans and 47% Canadians Live Paycheck to Paycheck

61% of Individuals Overspend Gift Card Value (Avg of $60)

Time to Unlock Employee Financial Wellness

Financial Stability for Boosted Employee Engagement

Boost employees' financial well-being and productivity with hyper-personalized dopamine-charged rewards. Build employee savings and financial literacy, giving your employees the tools to thrive while you reap the benefits in your bottom line.

Give Financial Wellness

Dynamic Financial Recognition to Increase Employee Productivity

Shape each role to echo your company’s aspirations and benchmarks, weaving them into the fabric of your shared journey towards growth and triumph. With Tenure’s ethos, dynamically orchestrate your rewards budget to fuel our collective ascent. Ignite a passion in your team to surpass expectations, enriching their financial well-being, fostering mental resilience, and amplifying their connection to our mission.

Funding Your Reward Program

Modern Approach to Employee Engagement

Employee rewards and recognition have barely changed in over a century, still clinging to a one-size-fits-all mentality. Tenure disrupts this stagnant landscape by placing employees at the heart of its Rewards and Recognition system, empowering them to voice what truly motivates them—treating each as the unique unicorn they are.

Modern Employee Engagement 

Your business and employees will thank you back.