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It’s time for hyper-personalized rewards

The Tenure team is a bunch of workplace rebels on a mission to disrupt the employee engagement and recognition market. With years of corporate battle scars under our belts, we've seen firsthand the struggles of companies and middle managers in showering their teams with meaningful recognition. We get it – one size definitely doesn't fit all in the world of employee engagement. That's why we're here to flip the script on the tired old rewards and recognition programs.

We give a f*ck about employees

We're all about giving employees the power to choose what gets their motivational them while helping employers dive deep into the employee psyche.

Because let's face it, we're all a bunch of unique unicorns with our own set of motivations. And guess what? Those buttons tend to shift as our tenure with a company evolves. That's where Tenure comes in, armed with tools to keep up with the ever-changing demands of your MVPs.

Welcome to Tenure – where we're not just changing the game, we're rewriting the rules of employer-employee engagement! 

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We give a f*ck about employee rewards

We've cracked the code for recognizing outstanding contributions with a finesse that's smoother than a well-oiled office chair spin. Our secret?

Personalized and purposeful rewards that make one-size-fits-all gift cards, points programs, or experiences feel old-fashioned. Say goodbye to rewards programs that turn your employees into debt-ridden shopaholics! With us, it's all about rewarding to save – because who needs a guilt trip for impulse buying?

Putting employees in the driver's seat 

Tenure’s Reward and Recognition Platform is not just about handing out rewards – it’s letting your employees take the wheel on the highway of recognition.

Imagine them setting the GPS for micro-rewards that truly speak to their souls – whether it's funding junior's slapshot dreams, crushing debt, blinging out that engagement finger, or gearing up for the ultimate eat, pray, love adventure. Forget cookie-cutter rewards; we're all about turning recognition into a personalized joy ride.

Tenure is your ticket to making those heartfelt connections that transcend the workplace. So buckle up, because with Tenure, it's not just platform – it's a life changer.

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We give a f*ck about employee recognition

Imagine a workplace where recognition is as natural as coffee breaks, and relationships run deeper than your favourite office chair grooves.

We're breaking free from the stale one-size-fits-all approach, arming companies and managers with the tools to hyper-personalize their recognition.

Celebrate every role in the workplace

Our motto? "Recognize the good, often." Because let's face it, who says only sales reps get all the glory? Whether it's the marketing mavens delivering primo leads or the administrative assistant keeping the boardroom snacks on point, to the janitorial genius making those office plants look runway-ready, we're here to give credit where credit's due.Because let's be real, recognizing greatness shouldn't have a job title attached. So let's toast to celebrating every role in the workplace – after all, it's the little things that make the big wins possible!

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We give a f*ck about employee engagement 

Feeling like your company's productivity is stuck in first gear? Innovation hitting snooze? MVPs disappearing faster than office snacks on a Friday afternoon?

Don't worry, you're not alone – it's a global epidemic.

But here's the plot twist: instead of asking employees what floats their boat, many companies opt for reward systems that are about as exciting as elevator music.Time to ditch the guesswork and rev up your engagement game – your bottom line will thank you later.

Breaking down the science behind an engaged and productive workforce

Tenure is your workplace's very own dopamine dealer, delivering satisfaction and motivation hits like confetti cannons at a party. We're not just here to boost your employees' morale; we're doubling down with a one-two punch of intrinsic and extrinsic rewards.No more one-time annual bonus and say hello to a year-round love fest. Our recognition model thrives on regular positive reinforcement, tapping into the deep well of both extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. It's like we've cracked the code to your team's happiness, unlocking the secret sauce for engagement program success. 

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Create an engaged workplace! 


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Employee rewards and recognition that is accessible for any business from start-up to enterprise!

Don't let budget woes rain on your recognition parade. With Tenure, you've got the power to dynamically fund your employee engagement program. Whether it's a monthly, quarterly, or annual budget, we'll help you scale your funding model to fit your financial flow.

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